About to Explode from Stuckness?

Do you feel there are many things you need to accomplish, yet it seems like there’s no way to get started?

There’s a pressure to move forward, to change things, to accomplish something. Maybe something big. Do you feel it?

All that’s happening in the world may be putting you into a state of distraction, too. Some of you may even be to the point of despair.

It can be tempting to throw up your hands and fling your frustration into the ether. F**k it! I give up!

Whoa now- hold up a minute there, pardner.
The Wise Sign Oracle wants to give you a teeny, weeny, little bit of advice.

Last week, Sagittarius told us to remain optimistic and what that could do for ourselves and the world as a whole.

Being optimistic is a pretty wise way to go about one’s life, yet sometimes, it’s very hard to do, right? Particularly if you feel like you’re unable to do what you think you should be doing.

What part of yourself symbolized in your horoscope can you access to make the doing much easier?

This week The Wise Sign Oracle picks out wisdom from the sign of Virgo.

virgo yellow

Oracle Meaning

Wait a minute –

Before we get into the explanation…

What do YOU think the oracle is saying?

Apply what Virgo is saying to your own life, to right now, to what is happening in your life.

What was the first thought you had?

HINT – That first thought is what the oracle means to you, personally. That first thought is where your intuition lies. This is how to read an oracle.

OK, onward!

Virgo says, Tiny can be HUGE. Did you hear that? Tiny can be HUGE. I’ll repeat it because Virgo can at times be somewhat of a nag.

Tiny can be HUGE!

Got it?

So, here’s the deal. Start small. Start, well, tiny. Even teeny-weeny, itty-bitty tiny. But start! How do ants make a huge anthill? By moving one grain of sand at a time.

Be the ant.

Got some chore or task, some project you want to do, but can’t get yourself cranking on it? Start with doing one, simple thing towards it.

Tell yourself you’ll do this one thing for five minutes. Five minutes! You definitely have five minutes to spare.

And once you do those five minutes, you may find that in an eye blink, half an hour has passed and the laundry is folded, the dishes are done, the toilet is miraculously cleaned!

Of course you can apply this method to more important projects too. Writing a book, for example, or planning a wedding, finding a job, redoing your room. Anything. The tiny task piled on each tiny task builds into something much bigger.

Persistence is key, as is focus.

The wisdom of the astrological sign of Virgo is that it knows to concentrate on the single tree, not the forest. For without the tree, there wouldn’t be a forest. Duh, right?

For that matter, why not concentrate on the seed? Without it, there’d be no tree. And if you want to go further, without the nourishment from each particle of dirt, the seed would have no place to grow.

You can see how tiny is very important. Essential, in fact.

Speaking of nourishment –

The Wise Sign Oracle of Virgo also is talking about the tiny things we get from our food. Vitamins, minerals, nutrients invisible to the eye. Are you getting enough of them?

Is your stress being aggravated by bad eating habits? Just checking.

Virgo pays attention to the details.

Details are important, but it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed by them. Or extremely nit-picky about things. Or overly-critical – not only of oneself, but others, too.

Avoid criticizing in the effort to be of help.

This is Virgo’s form of perfectionism that destroys it’s efforts to build and renders efforts to be of service null by making others feel criticized and wrong.

This too, can turn into a huge thing! A huge, big, bad thing! So avoid doing it, OK?

Remember to breathe.

Put your nose down into your own work, but remember to look up and breathe as you pile those grains of sand, one after another, to build the foundation that will become the realization of your goals.

Pretty soon, not only will your tiny efforts become huge things, but they’ll banish despair and create hope while you do it.

For a fun, sexy slant on Virgo and The Hermit card from the tarot, check out this post . Virgo doesn’t mean virgin!

If you liked my Wise Sign Oracle, please share it and feel free to let me know how you used the advice.

With Love…

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Life Feel Like Hell on Wheels?

What is going on in this world?

Even if your life is relatively peaceful and joyful right now, a lot of the world and the lives of those around us are experiencing a slice of purgatory.

What the hell can we do?

The Wise Sign Oracle has a suggestion.

If you missed my last blogpost, I introduced you to my new Wise Sign Oracle. We had some excellent advice from the astrological sign of Cancer. Those of you who read it, did you find yourself acting on those wise words?

So back to what the <bleep> can we DO?

Sagittarius to the rescue!

sag drawing optimism

Oracle Meaning

When you find yourself in situations that make you feel down, or are losing hope about everything, resist the unwillingness to extend yourself.

Avoid holding yourself back, restricting your freedom in the name of safety. (This doesn’t mean jumping out of a plane without a parachute!)

You might be expecting the worst, or that nothing will change no matter what you do. It’s hopeless. No one will listen. Why even try? Let’s just have another bag of chips and some Haagen-Dazs. Or a couple of beers. Make that five. And a joint.

Sagittarius is telling you that right now is not the time to allow yourself to be swallowed up in lethargy and apathy.

Optimism opens doors. Why not expect the best?

Try this attitude on for size in any situation you might be dreading. Have to go to the DMV? The dentist? Do you need to have “The TALK” with your kid or partner, friend or boss? Why not expect the best?

How are you talking to yourself? Why not tell yourself that you’ll succeed, that your wishes will be fulfilled?

Isn’t this all a bit Pollyanna-ish?

Did anything bad happen to Pollyanna for being optimistic? NO. By the way, the author of the Pollyanna books, Eleanor H. Porter, was a Sagittarius!

When you approach situations and people with an attitude of optimism you radiate openness and the response is one of openness in return. Good feelings are created. Trust is created.

Your good feeling bounces off of others and they bounce more good back to you and on and on to be passed on to the next people you and they meet.

Optimism is contagious in the best way. It opens the door to positive results you may never have imagined.

Sagittarius knows it is belief that creates reality.

Do you believe that most people are good? Or that most are out to get you? Most likely you’re somewhere in between. Yet, shifting your attitude even a little, can change the whole world. This is the wisdom of Sagittarius.

Be optimistic, but don’t try to force others to be, too.

Optimism works best when privately practiced. Keeping your own attitude up doesn’t mean rejecting those who can’t or won’t do the same.

The downfall of Sagittarius is the desire to force the great medicine they’ve found on everyone in the world. The elixir of TRUTH! Smile people!

Tend to your own “attitude garden”.

You’ll find that in a peaceful, quiet way doors will open to good changes- sometimes way quicker than you thought possible.

If you liked my Wise Sign Oracle, please share it and feel free to let me know how you used the advice.

With Love…

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Introducing the Wise Sign Oracle

astrology clock silver

Where did the time go?

Seems like Saturn swallowed it! Saturn rules time, you may know. And I’ve been in suspended animation. Thankfully, his great wall has lifted from my life, so here I am, to introduce to you…

The Wise Sign Oracle!

During my time in the planet Saturn’s purgatory (Scorpio) of broken bones (Saturn) – no, I won’t go into that now, but will say that I’ve been transformed, unwillingly, but re-fried, nonetheless – I wasn’t entirely idle.

You have every sign in your personal horoscope.

And I was thinking about this and what each sign would say if you asked it (or in some cases didn’t ask – Hello Sagittarius!) for advice.

If you haven’t had your astrology chart read, you may not be aware that you contain the energy of every single astrological sign.

We are all far more than just “What’s your sign?”. Some of that energy may be muted, but you can call it up when you need it. I invented The Wise Sign Oracle to help you do just that.

Since summer is here and we’re in the astrological sign of Cancer which marks the beginning of it –

Our first tidbit from The Wise Sign Oracle comes from Cancer.

Cancer what would a mother do

Oracle Meaning

This week, whenever things feel confused and you have a choice about how to act towards someone, including and especially yourself – stop and ask this question –

What would a good mother do?

Then, do that.

This also applies to any animals or plants in your environment, whether they are yours or not. Have you been neglecting that poor geranium in the corner? Does Mr. Woof or Mrs. Meow need a little more love, attention or grooming? Maybe more lap time?

What would acting like a good mother be for your garden? The neighborhood where you live? The beach or the local park? What about your house, office or apartment?

Cancer asks – how can we nourish, tend to, protect or mend?

Have you been feeling like a starving, stray cat? Have you felt anxious and in need of some good soothing, some good mothering? Truth is, we ALL have during the past few weeks and right now could use the equivalent of some nourishing chicken soup to fill us up, give support and some soft love.

Mother, not smother.

One of the downfalls of the astrological sign of Cancer is that it can use it’s beautiful mothering skills to smother and control.

The Wise Sign Oracle asks you to look at where in the name of love you might be trying to exert control where it’s not needed or wanted. A good mother knows when to allow her brood to fly!

So let go and love like a good mother, with just the right amount of protection, good advice, feeding and care. Let go of worries as you nurture yourself as you ideally want to be, and do so with those around you as they would ideally want to be.

Allow yourself to receive mothering from others, too!

One of the greatest gifts you can give is to be receptive to what others are giving you, so don’t turn away their care right now. This is the perfect time for it. Enjoy!

If you liked my Wise Sign Oracle, please share it and feel free to let me know how you used the advice.

With Love…

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A Sexual Aversion

Someone came up with a really great question the other day for the “Free Monthly Tarot Reading.” and I want to share with you how tarot can help clarify rather sticky, delicate matters.

Ms. Anon writes – “My boyfriend will not have sex with me during my period, and I’m realizing that’s not going to work out for me for the long run. I’m wondering what would be the best approach to try and change this dynamic, and how likely that it will be successful.” 

I asked the tarot using the Herbal Deck.  The first card represents – What is at the root of this problem?

We have a root herb coming up, 5 of Wands.  It looks like this issue may be being used as a scapegoat for hidden resentments and other conflicts in the relationship.

The wands could represent the erect male sexual energy of your boyfriend that isn’t under the control of your female energy represented by the turmeric plant with it’s roots firmly planted on the ground, immobile in it’s rooted-ness or possible stubbornness over the issue.

Your boyfriend may feel intimidated or even fearful of the demonstration of your fertility and your uninhibited desire for sex during your period.  Underneath it all, he may be afraid that he won’t be able to “perform” sexually.

It’s interesting to note that one of the uses for turmeric is for easing PMS and regulating the menstrual cycle.  Perhaps you want sex during this time partly to ease how you physically feel during your Moontime.

Next, the card on the left represents – How your boyfriend sees the matter.   On the right, how you see the matter.

The 5 of Cups indicates that this issue really depresses him and he doesn’t want it to ruin your relationship.  He may consider having sex while you’re menstruating not only as a big bloody mess, but as something dangerous, full of germs.  (Horsetail is used as a blood purifier.)

He may not really understand why it’s so important to you.  He just wants to close his eyes and have the whole thing disappear.  Perhaps blood and periods remind him of something else from the past he’d rather not think about that really turns him off.

He is firm in his feelings about this issue right now.  Note the cup standing alone behind, supporting him.

The 7 of Swords indicates that you may think that the relationship is up in the air, unstable when you don’t get sex when you want it.  The two swords in the ground may symbolize that for you, sex is grounding; it puts you mentally at ease that all is well in your coupledom.  Wood Betony can be used to ease anxiety and may show that is part of the issue here.

The next card on the left represents- The best course of action.  The card on the right is the outcome.

Nine of Wands!  Looks like the best course of action for you is to step away from the conflict.  Regroup.  Look inside yourself to analyze the reasons this has become an issue for you and your boyfriend.

What have you learned from this conflict?  What are the things really worth fighting for?  What is the true nature of your sexual desire?  What does having sex during your period mean to you on a spiritual level?  Anything?  Many things?

Perhaps you’ll see that this issue has made you grow in being able to assert your desires, but can you let go of this particular demand?   It is for you to decide during this time out.

It’s interesting to note that Bayberry bark can be used to reduce excessive menstrual bleeding.  If blood is the main issue for your boyfriend, perhaps you can find a way to reduce it through using a menstrual cup or diaphragm, for instance.  Check with your doctor about it first.

The outcome is the Suspended Person, in other decks known as the Hanged Man.  You’ll go with the flow!  OK, what does this mean?  It could mean that you’ll be more relaxed about “going away” from sex during your period.  Or, it may mean that both of you will be more relaxed about the issue once you have your 9 of Wands time out.

This card shows the cooling of hot, fleshly desire.  Kelp symbolizes the softening of rigid viewpoints.  It also may indicate that you willingly accept that you cannot control another person and through that understanding, you’ll flow towards a place of unconditional love.

I send Anon and her boyfriend peace and love and happiness.  Please feel free to comment on the reading or share how you’d interpret the cards.

With Love…

Are You Selfish In Bed?

We all want to think that we’re great lovers, right?  You don’t?  Well, I’ll admit that I think I make my partner pretty darned satisfied…

Painting by Pál Szinyei Merse

But wait, what if there’s something your love isn’t telling you?  What if there are ways in which you only think about your own pleasure that doesn’t feel so good for the one you’re doin’ the do with?  What if you are sexually selfish in some way?

Tarot can help.  Of course, that’s only if you really want to know!  You can start with just one thing and ask-

In what way am I selfish in bed with _____?  (Fill in their name.)

I got the Wheel of Fortune!

How to interpret this?  The first thing is to actually look at the picture.  Who am I in this image?  I am the Sphinx at the top.  Hmmmm…  I do like being on top most of the time.  I think he likes that, though.

What does the wheel imply?  Something that turns.  Taking turns!  He does like to change positions often, and enjoys a little doggy style, too, which I can see from the devilish looking creature underneath with the wheel conveniently on its back and derriere.

What else about the Sphinx?  She is silent.  Mysterious.  Kind of intimidating with that sword in her hand, no?  Seems it may be a bit selfish of me not to give him some sex talk.  After all, he LOVES talking dirty in bed and obviously returning the favor would spice things up for him as well as let him know specifically how he’s making me feel good.  Sure, moaning might work for some people, but he needs actual words.  Speaking of words, aren’t there books on every corner of this card?  By not talking I might make him feel judged, which would explain the sword symbolism.

There’s another thing about the Wheel of Fortune, which is laughter.  I mentioned this in a past blog post.  It’s true that I like to laugh during sex.  I know that he doesn’t always know why I’m laughing because he will ask.  And do I tell him why?  No.  Isn’t that selfish of me?  Perhaps that makes him feel like he’s doing something foolish?  That isn’t why I laugh, but like the Sphinx, I do not tell him.

Whew!  Yes, I have been selfish in bed and I haven’t even addressed the winged creatures quietly reading in the corners of the picture.  You’ll notice I said quietly.  That just popped out.  I see a theme here.  I have not told him the pleasurable things he teaches me (books they’re reading) nor how my body feels like it has wings when I’m with him.  We fly together and I haven’t told him (yet) what an angel he is for that.

Please email me if you know who the artist of this image is.

I really learned a lot from this one card!  And it would be so simple for me to make sex much better not only for him, but for both of us, if I implement the advice.

Now what about YOU?  In what way are you selfish in bed?  I would love to hear what insights you get and whether you implement them!

With Love…

What Are You Hungry For?

Ever notice there are times when you reach for a piece of chocolate, that once it’s in your mouth, you realize it wasn’t what you were hungry for?  C’mon now, I know it’s happened to you!  So what do you do?

Do you eat another piece just to make sure it wasn’t right?  Reach for the potato chips?  Knock back a couple of beers?  Or do you figure out what you’re actually hungry for?

If single (or not!), you might find yourself hooking up with someone when what you really hungered for was an intimate conversation of the verbal variety.  Or something else, like affection.  Or maybe you just crave an adventure?

Of course, you might think you want a hiking buddy, but somewhere along the trail you look at that butt marching in front of you and realize that what you really desire is some mind blowing sex!  How to clarify this confusion?

Tarot to the rescue!  Get out your deck and ask –

What am I really hungering for?

I got the 2 of Pentacles.  Well, with his two balls and hat between that looks like a condom wrapped phallus, I could interpret this to mean that I’d like to get laid!  But, is that the answer?

How do you know when to interpret the card sexually or the “regular” way?  The first thing is to look at your life, reference the card to what is currently going on. Yes, I could say that I’m hungry for some balance in my life.  True.  However, what will help me feel balanced in body, mind, spirit?  For me, a good roll in the hay is definitely the answer.  Be as honest with yourself as possible.  Be open.  And if you still don’t know the answer…

Pull another card –

The Devil.  Um, yes, I do believe that getting naked, down and dirty would feed my craving today.

What are you hungry for?

With Love…

Sex & The High Priestess

When it comes to sexual loving are you the High Priestess?

If someone invented one word for you it would be “moody”.  Yup, you need to be “in the mood” to allow someone to disrobe you and get to your secret fountain of delight.  No one could ever accuse you of being easy.

This does not mean that you don’t crave physical intimacy.  No.  But it better be with someone who can do it better than you can as you’ve practically made a study and practice of sex for one.

Though you may appear the shy innocent, you can teach the secret techniques of tantra.  Or enact taboo fantasies akin to the rape of Persephone by Pluto.  The partner who lures you out of your lair may be in for quite a surprise!

Niki de Saint Phalle’s Tarot Garden

When you do find the one who will take you to the emotional security you desire, your gift will be to shine a nurturing light on their tender offering of love. Only they better be careful, ’cause you are one fertile witch!

With Love…